Germany, Poland & Czech Republic Motorhome Tour Video

Germany, Poland & Czech Republic Motorhome Tour Video

We recently took a group of motorhome owners on an escorted motorhome tour of Germany, Poland and Czech Republic.

We started the tour in Potsdam near Berlin and then toured Poland and Czech Repbulic.

Everyone was impressed with Poland & Czech Republic enjoying the countryside and the larger cities.

The square in Poznan was sadly being renovated with new drainage but otherwise it is beautiful place.

The food and the historical buildings in places like Torun and KrakΓ³w in Poland were fabulous.

Czech Republic we visited Olomouc and then went onto Prague which were both impressive cities. Prague was a particular favourite with the campsite close to the river and a 15min tram ride into the centre. Prague had so much to see and experience and we shall definitely return one day soon!

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Our Norway Escorted Motorhome Tour has started!

Our Norway Escorted Motorhome Tour has started!

We are off and throughly enjoying touring Norway in our motorhome. We have a fabulous group of 10 motorhomes most have never been to this stunning country.

Following a few days in Munster πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ and then Ribe πŸ‡©πŸ‡° we caught the 2hr ferry from Hirtshals to Kristiansand in southern Norway.

From here we travelled to Preikestolen where we challenged ourselves to climb to Pulpit Rock, the iconic rock that juts out from the mountain hanging precariously over the Lysefjord.

We were then treated to an amazing drive including ferries, mountain passes through ski resorts, along fjords and even through a waterfall, literally! Arriving at Hardangerfjord.

It really has been an amazing first week, stunning landscape, amazing scenery, hiking challenge but most of all an awesome group of people coming together to create something magical full of memories.

Roll on the next 4 weeks!

Motorhome Tours New Logo – Easier to follow!

Motorhome Tours New Logo – Easier to follow!

We hope our clients will find us on campsites easily now πŸ•

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We are really delighted with how our Motorhome Tours logo looks on our motorhome.

Our clients should easily be able to follow us on an escorted motorhome tour and find us when on campsites.

Give us a toot 🎺 if you spot us on the roads or come say hello on a campsite πŸ‘‹

Linda and Giles – Motorhome Tours πŸ•

Thank You for the Follows!

Thank You for the Follows!

Facebook 900 Followers and Instagram 3000 Followers is incredible! Thank you πŸ™

Your support for our pages is amazing and we thank everyone of you who have taken time to like, comment and follow our pages.

It really does mean the world to us as a small tour operator (husband and wife team) with a real passion for motorhomes.

There is no greater pleasure for us then to take our clients to different destinations across Europe and pass on our vast experience of European Motorhome Travel.

Exploring new destinations, allowing us to do all the leg work with bookings and route planning, simple companionship are strong enough reasons to join an escorted motorhome tour.

We hope to meet some of you soon but please keep your likes, comments and friendships coming.

Happy Easter everyone and keep safe!

Thank you

Linda and Giles Downer.

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