Germany and Poland 2021 Flexi Tour

18/08/2021 – 31/10/2021
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About our Germany & Poland Flexible Tour

We are introducing a completely Flexible Tour to maximise the window of opportunity to travel in late 2021.

This is our Flexi Tour where you can choose when you start and finish the tour and how many nights you want to be on an escorted tour!

Travel has become difficult in Spain and South East France but with much of Eastern Europe low with Covid cases we see this as a great last roll of the dice to enjoy some European Travel August to October.

Germany and Poland are accepting visitors that are Fully Vaccinated from the UK.

Life is reactive and there are some people that want to grab this with both hands.

This tour has a base package of £1995 p/p for 28 nights that includes 10 meals and 10 excursions – This is touring Poland until 8th September and then Germany until the end of October.

Join us for a week or the whole time and we shall just Pro Rata everything!

Example if you want 2 weeks then it would be £995 p/p for 14 nights that includes 5 meals and 5 excursions.

This becomes a very bespoke booking format introduced because of the current Covid situation in the World that puts you totally in charge of when and for how long you want to travel. Short notice no problem, extend the tour no problem, we just want you to take this window of opportunity to travel in your motorhome on a Friendly Tour!

There shall be some meals and paid excursions included, family bbq’s arranged, guided city tours, group bike rides, games, quizzes but most of all huge relief of being away and all having a fabulous time socialising.

Please call or email to discuss your options and booking is only by Calling/Emailing

Many thanks
Linda and Giles


Day 1 – 3

18th Aug -20th Aug

Arrive in Champagne Region – Visit Champagne House, Explore, Meal at Restaurant. Visit to Champagne House and Meal included.

Day 3 – 6

20th Aug – 23rd Aug

Arrive in Saarburg, Germany (155 miles) Campsite 20 min walk or 5 minute cycle into Picturesque town. Lunch at Restaurant, Bike & Cable Car Ride, Bird of Prey Park included.

Day 7 – 11

24th Aug – 28th Aug

Arrive in Potsdam (225 miles) a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is located on the outskirts of Berlin and next to the Havel River. Rich in history and charm the city is well worth a visit. The impressive Sanssouci Palace is a former royal relaxing retreat and was the summer residence of Frederick the Great.
Day trip into Berlin. Walking Tour in Potsdam, Group Meal included.

Day 11 – 12

28th Aug – 29th Aug

Mescherin (131 miles) on the Germany/Poland border. We have a cycle tour (30mins) to The Crooked Forest (Krzywy Las). The forest hosts over fifty unusually formed pine trees which were planted in the 1930s. Each crooked pine tree bends just above ground level and then curves back upright. It is unsure why the trees have grown this way. Cycling Tour to The Crooked Forest included.

Day 12 – 14

29th Aug -31st Aug

Travel to Torun (210 miles) a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has been said that Torun is one of the most beautiful, medieval cities in Europe. The town was not hit by any bombs during World War II. The town is famous for Gingerbread and baking dates back nearly a thousand years. Torun has a Gingerbread museum. The famous astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus was born in Torun and the house where he was born and the Chapel where he was christened are still standing in the city. Being near the Town Hall Tower at midday, you will be rewarded with a display of two billy goats (mechanical) emerging and butt horns 12 times! Great cafes, restaurants, shops and museums makes Torun a great place to visit. Group Lunch and Gingerbread Tour included.

Day 14 – 18

31st Aug – 4th Sept

Travel to Kraków (275 miles). Situated on the Vistula River, Kraków was the captial of Poland until 1596. The old town was the first ever UNESCO World Heritage Site. The 14th century St Marys Basilica with its stunning Gothic-style exterior, guilded interior and beautiful stained glass windows makes this a worthy visit. From here we will visit the notorious concentration camp of Auschwitz on a coach tour. Group Meal and excursion to Auschwitz included.

Day 18 – 21

4th Sept – 7th Sept

Wroclaw (170miles) It’s not a place you see listed frequently among Europe’s weekend city breaks, but that’s the charm of Wrocław. It is as understated as it is beautiful, with stunning Hansel-and-Gretel-feel architecture. The once German city of Breslau is now the largest in western Poland, and capital of the province of Lower Silesia. It’s packed with art, historical sites and plenty of cafes where you can stop for a beer and a bite. Admire the impressive Panorama of the Battle of Racławice and explore the historic Ostrów Tumski quarter. Walking Tour, E-Scooter Tour, Wrocławska Fontanna Multimedialna (Fountain Display) and Meal included.

Day 21 – 24

7th Sept – 10th Sept

Travel to Dresden, Germany (167 miles) Situated by the river Elbe the city of Dresden suffered almost complete destruction in WWII. This was followed by neglect by the Soviet regime after the war. Today Dresden is a stunning city to enjoy and very little of the destruction can be seen. After the bombing of WWII the ruins of the Frauenkirche church were saved and catalogued. When the church was rebuilt nearly 4000 of of the original stones were used. The church has a gold cross which was gifted by Great Britian as a gesture of international goodwill. Group Meal after a day in Dresden included.

Day 24 – 28

10th Sept – 14th Sept

Travel to Bamberg (174 miles) a typical Medieval German town that draws tourists with its palpable historic charm and quaintness. The town stretches over seven hills, gazing down on the River Regnitz. The old town of Bamberg is a Unesco World Heritage site and boasts beautiful architecture and plenty of culture. The most famous landmarks in Bamberg include the Old Town Hall, Bamberg Cathedral, Seehof Palace, Altenburg and Little Venice (a picturesque cluster of colourful half-timbered houses by the river). Walking Tour and Brewery Tour, Guided Beer, Town Tour and Meal included.

Day 28 – 31

14th Sept – 17th Sept

Travel to Rothenburg ob der Tauber (59 miles) is almost unanimously agreed to be the prettiest town in Bavaria and also one of the most captivating in the entire country. You have probably heard the term “fairy-tale town” more often than seems reasonable, but there is certainly no better way of describing Rothenburg ob der Tauber. It is impossible not to fall in love with its maze of cobbled alleys, bright houses with flower-box windows, adorable shops and exemplary Christmas-ornament stores. Walk around Town Walls, Medieval Crime Museum, Christmas Museum and Meal included.

Day 31 – 35

17th Sept – 21st Sept

Travel to Regensburg (120 miles) a Unesco World Heritage site straddling both sides of the River Danube which has been impeccably preserved with over 1,000 historic monuments, many of which date back to Roman times. The historic old town meets its modern sister on the other side of the river via the Old Stone Bridge. This is the most picturesque spot in Regensburg and a perfect background for your holiday photos. Sightseeing Train Tour, Cathedral Tour and Meal included.

Day 35 – 40

21st Sept – 26th Sept

Travel to Munich (86 miles) The bustling city of Munich is among the most popular cities in Germany and has something for everyone. Whether you are interested in architecture, history, fashion, literature, music, art or traditional German cuisine, Munich will effortlessly keep you busy for days on end. It is also known for hosting super-fun festivals, the most famous of which is Oktoberfest. Munich is also a wonderful base from which to explore much of Southern Germany. 3rd Reich and WWII Tour, Beer & Food (Meal) Tour and Trip to Dachau Memorial Tour included.

Day 40 – 45

26th Sept – 1st Oct

Travel to Garmisch-Partenkirchen (55 miles) Sitting in the lap of the majestic Bavarian Alps and dotted with alpine lakes, the town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen is a land of surreal beauty. It’s a top destination of choice for winter sports enthusiasts as well as travellers who can’t resist the spectacular mountain scenery, culture and history. The Zugspitze, the highest mountain peak in the country, looms over this little town and welcomes travellers to take either a cogwheel or a cable car ride to its peak to enjoy uninterrupted views of mountain peaks across four countries (Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Italy). Cable Car and Meal included.

Day 45 – 49

1st Oct – 5th Oct

Travel to Füssen (37 miles) Though it is often used as a base for exploring Neuschwanstein Castle, the city itself has a lot to offer. Füssen, known for its violin-making industry, perches in a setting of imposing mountains and crystal-clear lakes 3,937ft (1,200m) above sea level, along the iconic Romantic Road in Germany. Travellers invariably lose their hearts to the cobbled alleys, quaint cafes and beautiful houses in this town. Trip to Neuschwanstein Castle and Meal included.

Day 49 – 53

5th Oct – 9th Oct

Travel to Lindau (86 miles) Lindau is a dreamy city on the shore of Lake Constance. Its skyline is dominated by a 108ft (33m) lighthouse and a 20ft (6m) lion, which guard the gateway to this beautiful harbour city. As you step into Lindau old town, prepare to be enthralled by its storybook houses, web of cobbled lanes, and stunning baroque, Renaissance and gothic architecture. Cycle Ride, Boat Trip around Lake Constance and Meal included.

Day 53 – 58

9th Oct – 14th Oct

Travel to Freiburg im Breisgau (111 miles) The university town of Freiburg im Breisgau is relatively unsung compared to other destinations in the famous Black Forest in Germany, but it is undeniably beautiful. While the city skyline is adorned by the Freiburg Minster, New Town Hall, St Martin’s Church, Whale House and Martin’s Gate, the roads will catch your eyes with their mosaic motifs and Bächle (narrow street-side canals). Funicular Railway, City Tour, Animal Park visit and Meal included.

Day 58 – 63

14th Oct – 19th Oct

Travel to Baden Baden (68 miles) one of Europe’s most fashionable spa towns. It is an ideal base for exploring the Black Forest and the perfect place to stay for maximum pampering. Located in the rolling hills of the northern part of the forest, the 19th–century town is filled with striking Belle Époque-era architecture and old-world luxury. Baden-Baden has a vibrant cultural community with events and art exhibitions throughout the year. Take a guided walk or adventure tour into the heavily wooded Black Forest National Park, or stay in the town center and enjoy the curative waters of the thermal baths, which were built circa 1810. Tour of Roman baths, Park and Aboretum Walk, Funicular Railway and Meal included.

Day 63 – 68

19th Oct – 24th Oct

Travel to Stuttgart (65 miles) an amazingly well-planned, beautiful city that is ready to dazzle you with its entertainment and culture. It boasts a series of world-class art museums and galleries, two famous automobile museums (Porsche and Mercedes Benz) and several fun museums. It is also home to the only large combined zoo and botanical garden in Europe, the Wilhelma. Mercedes Benz Museum Tour, Wilhelma Zoo and Botanical Park,Boat Trip and Meal included.

Day 68 – 73

24th Oct -29th Oct

Travel to Heidelberg (75 miles) The university town of Heidelberg is a cultural and intellectual hub that has found its way into many literary works by eminent authors. The most famous landmark in town is the sprawling early-13th-century Heidelberg Palace, which houses the largest wine barrel in the world. The Heidelberg University Library is as magnificent inside as it is outside and is a treasure trove of books, including some rare ones. The old bridge over the river is the perfect spot to soak up the ambience of the vibrant town and take memorable photos. Sightseeing Bus, Castle Tour and Meal included.

Day 73 – 75

29th Oct – 31st Oct

Return into France Reims Last Evening farewell Meal. Farewell Meal Included.

Poland/Germany Flexi Tour
There shall be some meals and paid excursions included, family bbq’s arranged, guided city tours, group bike rides, games, quizzes but most of all huge relief of being away and all having a fabulous time socialising.

Please call or email to discuss your options and booking is only by Calling/Emailing

Many thanks
Linda and Giles



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Prices are based on a motorhome and up to two people. Supplement of £500 for each additional person. For more information, please see the brochure for this tour below.


  • Up to six people travelling in their own motorhome.
  • Accommodation on pre-booked campsites including electric hook-up and showers.
  • Detailed travel pack to include campsite directions, routes (toll and non-toll as appropriate), GPS co-ordinates and our driving in Europe Checklist.
  • Help and support in the event of problems while on tour.
  • Full financial protection.
  • Excursions where stated in the Itinerary.
  • Meals where stated in the Itinerary. 
  • Personal expenditure, for example, fuel, tolls, vignettes, meals, upgrades, laundry, personal excursions, public transport or entrance fees. (Unless stated included).
  • Where there are general road tolls.
  • Personal travel insurance (compulsory).
  • Vehicle breakdown cover (compulsory).
  • Payment of your deposit secures the booking on the tour.
  • Please note we cannot take vehicles over 8 metres long without prior special arrangement.
  • Pet Dog allowed on this tour (Check if more than one).
  • No towed vehicles. Please check before booking.
  • Please note that the deposit is non-refundable unless Motorhome Tours cancels.
  • There are road toll charges on some motorways.
  • Supplement for 8m+ motorhomes may apply, please check before booking.
  • UK vehicle sticker is required for the number plate and recommend that you have a UK sticker as well.
  • Headlight adjustment stickers and  road warning triangle.
  • Green Zone Emission Sticker for Germany.
  • Local Currency required for Poland (Zloty).
  • Vaccination Certificate for European Travel

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Germany and Poland 2021 Flexi Tour

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TOUR DATE: 18/08/2021 – 31/10/2021

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