Thank You for the Follows!

by Apr 17, 2022

Facebook 900 Followers and Instagram 3000 Followers is incredible! Thank you ?

Your support for our pages is amazing and we thank everyone of you who have taken time to like, comment and follow our pages.

It really does mean the world to us as a small tour operator (husband and wife team) with a real passion for motorhomes.

There is no greater pleasure for us then to take our clients to different destinations across Europe and pass on our vast experience of European Motorhome Travel.

Exploring new destinations, allowing us to do all the leg work with bookings and route planning, simple companionship are strong enough reasons to join an escorted motorhome tour.

We hope to meet some of you soon but please keep your likes, comments and friendships coming.

Happy Easter everyone and keep safe!

Thank you

Linda and Giles Downer.

Motorhome Tours


  1. Karen Shaw

    Following you across Europe – seeing how you get on in Germany and especially Poland, as I hope to go too later, either siode of our Verona – Slovenia/Bosnia/Croatia tour..

    • Giles Downer

      Thanks Karen, we look forward to seeing you soon.

  2. Steve and jo

    Motorhome Tours

    • Giles Downer

      Hello Steve and Jo, we hope you are enjoying our blogs.


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