Booking a motorhome tour in 2021

Do you book a motorhome tour to Europe? Will they get fully booked? Is it safe?

With the landscape of travel changed for the foreseeable future we are all weighing up the options for holidays, which we all need right now to break the monotony of lockdown.

From a perspective of well being its not only good for the body but more importantly the mind to have a change of environment, relax, be outside and declutter the brain.

A motorhome tour is a perfect way to achieve all the above, but you want to do this in the safe knowledge that your get to enjoy your break with no stress, be in a safe environment whilst having a great time that you deserve this year more than any other.

In a motorhome, whether this is your own motorhome or one you have hired, you are in control of your space. Your shower, your kitchen, your living space and your bedroom. It’s probably the best and safest way to travel on a holiday right now. No planes, dirty hotel rooms and hotel restaurants.

Motorhome Tours this year has two tours, one in September and another in October which are really exciting, with well planned routes, campsites, meals and excursions. We have planned these tours to be fun & exciting but to travel with a little caution to safer places.

Our tours sizes for 2021 have been reduced so we have a maximum of 8 motorhomes instead of 15 on any tour. We have done this as we feel you might feel safer in a smaller groups allowing social distancing, we don’t have to use larger restaurants or go on large commercial excursions where more people would be present.

Our destinations have been booked whilst keeping our 2021 mantra of explore, have fun but let’s all keep safe. For example we have chosen smaller campsites where possible and are visiting quieter places of interest and using more boutique excursion partners. Our tours will be smaller, more intimate, safe but definitely no less fun!

We only ask for a 10% deposit payable with the booking, this is held in a UK bank client account that legally cannot be accessed until the tour is complete. We want full transparency with ourselves and our tours. Should for any Covid-19 reasons you can’t travel or the UK government says you can’t travel, you will be offered a full refund no questions. Feel confident, feel safe and trust us to take you on a Motorhome Tour of a lifetime…

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