Favourite places we have visited in our Motorhome!

motorhome by sunset

A question we often get asked is ‘Where is your favourite place you have visited?’

We always find this difficult to answer as, like many of you, we have been to many countries and many amazing places.

Many cities Rome, Krakow, Ghent, Toledo and Munich to name a few, steeped in history with fascinating buildings along with the markets, bars and restaurants all make for a great place to be. Then you travel inland and find little gems with stunning scenery and quaint villages that haven’t changed much over the years. Often it is a place that you didn’t plan to go to and just stumbled across that have the best memories.

Choosing a place is hard and we have enjoyed chatting about out travels to come up with a couple of our favourites. First is Monsaraz in Portugal. We stayed on an aire at this fabulous hilltop village with the most incredible views of the Guadiana River and Alqueva Dam lake. We had a lovely meal in the town and set the alarm just before sunrise the next day and WOW it was definitely worth getting up early for. The sun rising over the water was a moment that we will never forget. Another often talked about place is the town of El Rocio as this is so different to anywhere we have been. The town is is bordered by the marshes of Doñana National Park which is worth taking time to walk around. The town has sandy streets, no paving or tarmac in sight, and many places have wooden bars to tie horses. We were lucky that there was a Fiesta on when we visited and many of the locals arrive on their horses and the bars come alive with music and singing.

We would love to hear where your favourite place is you have visited so please let us know in the comments section below ⬇️

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