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Germany, Poland & Czech Republic 2022

Itinerary / Route

Day 1 – 4

Arrive in Potsdam, Germany. There will be a welcome meeting late afternoon where you will have an opportunity to ask questions, socialise and receive your welcome pack. Potsdam is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is located on the outskirts of Berlin and next to the Havel River. Rich in history and charm the city is well worth a visit. The impressive Sanssouci Palace is a former royal relaxing retreat and was the summer residence of Frederick the Great. Welcome Drinks Included, Walking Tour to Potsdam, Group Meal at Campsite.

Welcome Drinks Included
Walking Tour to Potsdam
Group Meal at Campsite

Day 4 – 6

Arrive at Poznań (187 miles)Travel to Poznań in Poland to a lovely campsite that’s 5km distance into the town centre.

Poznań is a pretty Polish town with an extremely attractive central square where you will find many restaurants and bars to fill a few hour people watching whiles enjoying a meal or refreshment.

Be at the Town Hall Tower at midday to see 2 billy goats (mechanical) emerge and butt horns 12 times.

Day 6 – 9

Travel to Torun (108 miles) a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has been said that Torun is one of the most beautiful, medieval cities in Europe. The town was not hit by any bombs during World War II. The town is famous for Gingerbread and baking dates back nearly a thousand years. Torun has a Gingerbread museum. The famous astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus was born in Torun and the house where he was born and the Chapel where he was christened are still standing in the city. Being near the Town Hall Tower at midday, you will be rewarded with a display of two billy goats (mechanical) emerging and butt horns 12 times! Great cafes, restaurants, shops and museums makes Torun a great place to visit. Group Lunch and Gingerbread Tour Included.

Group Lunch
Gingerbread Tour Included

Day 9 – 14

Travel to Kraków (275 miles). Situated on the Vistula River, Kraków was the captial of Poland until 1596. The old town was the first ever UNESCO World Heritage Site. The 14th century St Marys Basilica with its stunning Gothic-style exterior, guilded interior and beautiful stained glass windows makes this a worthy visit. From here we will visit the notorious concentration camp of Auschwitz on a coach tour and an optional tour of the Wieliczka Salt Mine.  Group Meal and excursion to Auschwitz Included.

Group Meal
Excursion to Auschwitz Included

Day 14 – 16

Travel to Olomouc in Czech Republic (165 miles). The campsite is situated by a river and is a 30min walk into the town. The old town is one of the most beautiful and best preserved in the country. The city hosts many water fountains and 6 are decorated in Baroque style each with a different mythical individual character. The oldest fountain dates back to 1623. One of the most beautiful towns in Czech Republic and a great place to sample good food and Czech beer! Group Meal and Walking Tour Included.

Group Meal
Walking Tour Included

Day 16 – 20

Travel to Prague (180 miles). Prague is the 13th largest city in the EU and is known for its cobbled streets, preserved castles, Baroque and Gothic-style cathedrals, medieval squares and bridges. The Prague Astronomical Clock which is situated on the Old Town Hall is the oldest working clock in the world dating back to 1410. Close to the campsite (walkable) which is situated on the banks of the Vltava River, are botanical gardens and zoo all well worth a visit for a relaxing few hours. Group Meal and Walking Tour Included.

Group Meal
Walking Tour Included

Day 20 – 22

Travel to Dresden (95 miles) for our last stop. Situated by the river Elbe the city of Dresden suffered almost complete destruction in WWII. This was followed by neglect by the Soviet regime after the war. Today Dresden is a stunning city to enjoy and very little of the destruction can be seen. After the bombing of WWII the ruins of the Frauenkirche church were saved and catalogued. When the church was rebuilt nearly 4000 of of the original stones were used. The church has a gold cross which was gifted by Great Britian as a gesture of international goodwill. Farwell Group Meal after a day in Dresden Included.

Farwell Group Meal
A day in Dresden Included

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