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Norway Motorhome Wonders 2025

Itinerary / Route

Day 1 – 2

Arrive in Bremen, Germany for our first night to meet us and other guests on the tour. There will be a welcome meeting late afternoon where you will have an opportunity to ask questions, socialise and receive your welcome pack. Welcome Drinks Included

Welcome Drinks Included

Day 2 – 4

Travel to Ribe in Denmark (150 miles) Ribe is the oldest town in the whole of Scandinavia, founded in approx 700AD. The town is steeped in history and together with shops and restaurants make Ribe worth visiting. The Cathedral has amazing views to reward you once you ascend the 248 steps to reach the top. This was a Viking town and there is a Viking museum to visit if you want to learn more about them. Group Meal in Ribe. Group Meal Included

Group Meal included

Day 4 – 5

Travel to Hirtshals (200 miles) where we shall catch the first of many ferries, to Kristiansand in Norway (The crossing is 3.5hrs approx). Here we shall stay in Kristiansand for one night at a local campsite to recharge after a long day. Ferry Included (£240 approx.)

Ferry Included (£240 approx.)

Day 5 – 7

Travel to Lysefjord (195 miles) including 8.9 miles through the Ryfylke Tunnel taking us directly under a large fjord through the longest road tunnel undersea in the world. On the other side we shall visit our first fjord on this tour. The fjord is 26 miles long with steep and spectacular mountains on either side. The stunning sights make this fjord one of a kind. Here there is hiking, fishing, swimming , kayaking and climbing or just relax and take in the scenery. Tunnel Included (£35 Approx.)

Day 7 – 9

Travel to Hardangerfjord (160 miles) including a short ferry ride. At 111 miles Hardangerfjord is the second longest fjord in Norway and the fifth longest in the world. It navigates from the Atlantic into the mountainous interior of Norway along the Hardangervidda Plateau. Ferry Included (£10 approx.)

Ferry Included (£10 approx.)

Day 9 – 12

Travel to Flåm (110 miles) where we will visit the Flåm Railway which is described as one of the most beautiful train journeys in the world. This is one of the leading tourist attractions in Norway. The train runs from the end of Aurlandsfjord to high up in the mountains to Myrdal Station. The train ride will feature some of the most stunning scenery in Western Norway. There we will organise a group hike to the Brekkefossen Waterfall 1.5 – 2hrs. Train Ride (£60p/p approx.) and Brekkefossen Waterfall Hike Included.

Train Ride (£60p/p approx.)
Brekkefossen Waterfall Hike Included

Day 12 – 14

Travel to Briksdal (140 miles) including a ferry crossing. The Briksdal Valley is home to the Briksdalsbreen Glacier. This famous glacier lies in stunning scenery between high peaks and waterfalls. The glacier drops 1200m into the Briksdal Valley, beholding a truly spectacular sight. From the campsite your be rewarded with views far reaching to the glacier, mountains and huge waterfalls. A beautiful location. Included group hike to glacier, Ferry Included (£30 Approx.)

Ferry Included (£30 Approx.)

Day 14 – 16

Travel to Geiranger (75 miles) including ferry. Gieranger is home to one of the best Norwegian fjords, Gerirangerfjord, it has been on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage sites since 2005. It has a stunning landscape with the snow topped mountains, lush green vegetation and beautiful waterfalls. Many people consider this area one of the most scenic fjords on Earth. The campsite is near the centre of Geiranger and is a good starting point for sightseeing and hiking. Pedal boats and rowing boats are available for hire along with free fishing in the fjord. Ferry Included (£145 Approx.)

Ferry Included (£145 Approx.)

Day 16 – 17

Travel to Oppdal (200 miles) including ferry for a stopover on a campsite. Ferry Included (£30 Approx.)

Ferry Included (£30 Approx.)

Day 17 – 19

Travel to Trondheim (75 miles) Norways third largest city and was once the Viking capital of Norway. Rich in history of the 11th century, the gothic cathedral is a national sanctuary of Norway. The cathedral started out as a simple wooden chapel over the grave of Saint Olav. The building has evolved over time into a magnificent cathedral which stands today. Alongside the history, the town has a vibrant city life and has a good selection of coffee shops, cafes, eateries and microbreweries.

Day 19 – 20

Travel to Mosjøen (245 miles) a long drive for a stopover.

Day 20 – 22

Travel to Saltstraumen (188 miles) and its small strait of water has one of the strongest tidal currents in the world. Salt strain can travel at a speed of 24 knots when at its most fierce and large swirls are formed. This phenomenon is a short walk from the campsite.

Day 22 – 28

Travel to Bodø (18 miles) to board the ferry to the stunning Lofoten Islands. The Islands are situated above the Artic Circle and are known for the fishing, small villages and outdoor activities. The stunning scenery of mountains, beaches, fjords and seabirds make the long trip to here worthwhile.

The first campsite is at Moskenes where you will be rewarded with great views of the Vestfjord. The fjord is 96 miles long and is spectacular in all weathers. If you are really lucky you will be able to see passing killer whales. The Vågakallen Mountain is visable in the distance.

We will move onto Gimoysand, situated on the North Coast of the Lofoten Islands between a wonderful arctic white beach with views of the ocean and the mountain Hoven.  We shall move to another stop before we leave the Islands. Ferry Included (£240 approx)

Ferry Included (£240 approx)

Day 28 – 30

Travel to Tromsø (205 miles) which is Norways largest city and the prettiest most happening town in the north. Tromsø is on an island and it is possible to experience the midnight sun here. Tromsø is home to the worlds most northern brewery. Microbreweries are becoming hugely popular here. Many restaurants offering local fish including cod, halibut and wolffish. Feel free to buy some strawberries here as they are extra sweet and considered by some to be the best in the world as they are ripened by the midnight sun!

The fragrant botanical gardens are the worlds northernmost botanical gardens with plants from all continents. This is close to the campsite and can easily be reached by bicycle.

Day 30 – 35

Our return trip takes us through Sweden and its stunning scenery with 4 decent days travelling 240 miles approximately per day to reach Vittangi, Skellefteå, Timrå for a night each and Stockholm where we will stay for 2 nights to rest and explore Stockholm if you have any energy left!

Day 35 – 36

Our return trip continues to Osby (311 miles) as our last stopover in Sweden.

Day 36 – 37

The final leg takes us back to Handewitt, Germany and is 290 miles to reach the last campsite. Leaving Sweden to Denmark is the Øresund Bridge section that is 10 miles long with 4.8 miles being the actual bridge and then transitioning to a underwater tunnel called The Drogden Tunnel which is a further 2.5 miles long. Upon arrival at the campsite you will be rewarded with some fine German Beer and a fabulous last evening meal. Bridge Included (£100 Approx) and evening meal and drinks

evening meal and drinks

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