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Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina 2022

Itinerary / Route

Day 1 – 3

Arrive in Verona, Italy – Verona is a beautiful ancient city dating back to Roman Times. Famous for its ‘Juliet Balcony’ from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, which is based on a true story of two lovers from Verona who died for each other in 1303.

Enjoy exploring this UNESCO World Heritage city with its pretty lanes, lively piazzas, very impressive Colosseum and Castle Vecchio which has stood since 1354. Attached to the castle grounds is the Castle Vecchio Bridge that has stunning views down the River Adige.

Welcome Drink, Walking Tour &  Group Meal Included

Welcome Drink
Walking Tour
Group Meal Included

Day 3 – 6

Travel to Lake Bled, Slovenia (250 miles) The stunning Lake Bled is situated in the Julian Alps. The town of Bled is surrounded by mountains and overlooked by a castle and is easy to see why this is Slovenia’s most visited area. A beautiful walk around the blue clear water is a great way to circumnavigate the lake taking approximately 2.5 hours. Take a boat trip on the lake to visit the small island with the Church of the Mother of God. Here you can climb the 99 steps to ring the church bell and make a wish!

Swimming is allowed in the lake and hopefully won’t be too cold this time of year.

Boat Trip to the Island and a Walk around the lake with lunch Included

Lunch Included

Day 6 – 8

Travel to Ljubljana (35 miles) the largest city and the capital of Slovenia. The winding Ljubljanica River separates the old town from the commercial side with its line of cafes. The city hosts a 900 year old castle with its Outlook Tower giving fantastic views.

Home to the Dragon Bridge which is decorated with dragons that is a must to visit whilst in this beautiful city. Dragons are the symbol of Ljubljana and have been around since ancient times. Enjoy a free day wandering and exploring this lovely city.

Free Walk around the Ljubljana and Group Meal

Group Meal

Day 8 – 10

Travel to Maribor (85 miles) Maribor is Slovenia’s second largest city which is situated by the River Drava. This area is Slovenia’s largest wine region and is home to the oldest vine in the world that is 400 years old.

This attractive city has a rich history dating back to the Middle Ages. The Town Hall that dates from 1515 and the 12th Century Cathedral are both worth a visit. A wine tour is a must whilst here to sample the aromatic white wines.

Wine Tour Included and a Group Meal Included

Wine Tour Included
Group Meal Included

Day 10 – 12

Travel to Putj (20 miles) The delightful town of Putj is the oldest in Slovenia and dates back to the Stone Age. A relaxing town to wander around and enjoy the colourful cobblestone lanes, the cafes and Putj Castle that stands proud on a steep hill overlooking the town.

The campsite is part of a Thermal Spa Hotel complex, so here you can take advantage of the thermal water pools believed to have great healing properties. Romans would have used the thermal baths regularly.

Use of Thermal Pools Included

Thermal Pools Included

Day 12 – 14

Travel to Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia (130 miles) The National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is one of Croatia’s most visited attractions. The Park is situated in the mountainous region of Croatia and the highlight is its network of 16 clear water lakes joined by waterfalls, a truly stunning location. Here we will enjoy the trail that takes you through the lake and waterfall area that is 8km (Dogs allowed in the Park)

Transport and Entrance Fee to the Park & Group Meal Included

Transport and Entrance Fee to the Park
Group Meal Included

Day 14 – 16

Travel to Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina (230 miles) One of the most beautiful cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina despite the brutal Bosnian War of the 90’s. Many buildings still have evidence of sniper fire. This charming old town with cobbled streets and history make you feel like you are stepping back in time. The main attraction is the ‘Stari Most’ stone bridge built in 1566 which spans the River Neretva. This has become a symbol of the city after years of painstaking work to restore this famous landmark after it was destroyed in 1993 by shelling.

The Stari Most Bridge is now a UNESCO World Heritage site and is the country’s most photographed landmark so don’t forget your camera!

Here we shall have time to reflect the tragedy of war as we explore the city before we relax and take lunch at one of the restaurants overlooking the beautiful River Nerevta and Stari Most Bridge.

Mostar Walk and Group Lunch Included

Mostar Walk
Group Lunch Included

Day 16 – 19

Travel to Dubrovnik, Croatia (86 miles) Dubrovnik is the gem of Croatia. This beautiful walled city overlooks the blue waters of the Adriatic Sea. The pedestrianised old town with its Baroque buildings and terracotta roof tops is very popular with tourists and is easy to see why when you wander the pretty streets with its enticing small shops and inviting restaurants.

The city has become even more popular recently as used for filming many scenes for Games of Thrones. Keep your eyes peeled as you explore the delights of this stunning city as you may spot a celebrity or two!

We shall walk the city walls as part of a tour, explore its many towers, fortresses, moats, drawbridges and marvel how it was built back in the 13th century whilst taking in the stunning views over the shimmering waters of the Adriatic Sea.

Wall Walking Tour and Group Meal Included

Wall Walking Tour Including
Group Meal Included

Day 19 – 22

Travel to Split (142 miles) This ancient city is dominated by its well preserved Roman Palace. The Diocletian’s Palace dominates Split as a whole district is taken up with its building originating from the 4th Century. Unsurprisingly the Palace is an UNESCO World Heritage site and still has original Roman streets through the palace grounds for you to wander and explore this impressive structure.

Experience the daily vibrant market with its colourful sellers trying to tempt you to buy their wares of fish, vegetables and fruit.

Free time to choose between two beaches and relax in this beautiful area of Croatia where history and the impressive views make this an ideal stop.

Walking Tour and Group Meal Included

Walking Tour
Group Meal Included

Day 22 – 25

Travel to Pula (292 miles) Pula is a beautiful coastal resort where the town has a strong Roman history. Pula is home to a magnificent 1st Century amphitheater. Built with local limestone it seated 20,000 Romans to watch the Gladiator battles. We shall visit this impressive well preserved structure to learn more about its history and explore the underground passages used by the Gladiators and where the animals were housed. The arena is still used today, for much less violent activities, in the form of concerts and open-air films.

Time to enjoy the pebbly beach and swim in the blue waters of this lovely coastal resort and if you are feeling active water sports are available here. Spend some time in the evening to watch the sunset which can be truly spectacular on this coastline.

Arena Tour and Group Meal Included

Arena Tour Included
Group Meal Included

Day 25 – 28

Travel to Rovinj (22 miles) not far to travel for our final destination but a lovely place to bring the tour to its conclusion and continuing the relaxing theme of Pula after a busy few weeks on the road touring.

The campsite is next to a partially sandy beach and is only 1 km walk to the town via a beachside footpath where you will have stunning views of the sea and the old town. Explore this small but pretty town with its cobbled streets, cafes and restaurants.

Some of the best sunsets are viewed from Rovinj which we will enjoy by taking an evening boat trip.

Evening Boat Trip and Group Farewell Meal Included

Evening Boat Trip
Group Farewell Meal Included

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