Our first motorhome experience!

14 years experience
How we began our Motorhome Life! ?
Whilst we were planning our wedding the inevitable discussions about the honeymoon began. We decided a couple of weeks in a resort with sandy beaches, warm sun and good food. Well, we would deserve it after all the wedding planning and rest and relaxation was high on our agenda. Many brochures later Mauritius was the chosen destination and deposit paid.
Not sure how long after the dream destination was booked we were chatting with friends and the idea of Motorhoming (can’t remember what started this topic) came up and why didn’t we buy one together. A few weeks later a Swift Bolero was on order and Mauritius was cancelled.
We had no idea at that time how much we would love the freedom that Motorhoming would give us and would be one of the best decisions we would make.
Our first night away on a site in the UK was a big learning curve with me making the big mistake of not checking the quilt size I packed. (Big oops!) Unsurprisingly a single one wasn’t quite big enough for the two of us and we had to steal the dogs blankets to keep us warm.
Making sure the fridge is locked was another early lesson we learnt. Driving around a roundabout when the fridge is unlocked resulted in 10 tomatoes rolling around and a pile of Parmesan cheese on the floor!
France was the destination for our honeymoon(on our own not with our friends)! and we loved every minute of our travels and our eyes were opened to the fabulous destinations you can travel to in a Motorhome.
We would love to hear how your Motorhoming life started so please share your story in our comments section.
Linda and Giles
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