Have you ever considered an Escorted Motorhome Tour? Why would you?

Motorhome Tours offer fully escorted tours to European destinations for small groups travelling in their own or a hired motorhome.

The benefit of travelling in an escorted motorhome tour can be huge and can offer a relaxing and safe environment to explore new destinations in Europe with like minded people that can be very beneficial for our mental health.

There are many motorhome owners that haven’t taken their motorhome abroad before and have limited themselves to the UK as they don’t have the confidence to travel abroad. We have clients that are single and enjoy the fact they have company and security of travelling in a group. Some just like the fact its fully organised and a great way to travel to destinations that you might not normally travel to with the camaraderie of touring in a small group.

There are also many new motorhome owners that have purchased motorhomes during the Covid-19 pandemic to holiday in the UK and have now found how exciting it is owning a motorhome. These new motorhome owners will be looking to expand their experiences and knowledge as international travel opens again and Escorted Motorhome Tours are the perfect way to take the next step.

Our tour hosts Linda and Giles are with you 100% of the tour, the itineraries are fully listed on the website at www.motorhometours.co.uk and include campsites, excursions, meals and you will even receive a welcome pack at the start of your tour!

All the hard work is done before you travel, campsites booked, excursions/meals arranged so all you have to do is turn up and enjoy your holiday!

We list 5-6 tours a year to new and exciting destinations, from 11 days to the Netherlands to 37 days to Norway starting from £1250.

If you are looking for a new experience or are a seasoned motorhome traveller there is something for everyone when considering an Escorted Motorhome Tour.


Linda and Giles Downer

Motorhome Tours Limited




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